ARTSHORE  is a curated online art dealer.

We focus on "Geometric Abstraction"  art and carefully select all the artists that we exhibit. Our aim is to present to you each year, a small selection of artists that we really love. Today we're introducing a JEFF GWEGAN:

"Images are the only possible way to anchor my imaginary at a given point. What exists in the space of my formats is relative: it is just a lock towards another realities."

Currently, my technique is exclusively digital. My photographic bases come from a smartphone. I do not use any high-flying digital optics, it makes no sense for the rest of my work; The smartphone is the snapshot of the 21st century and represents an unprecedented impact on how one perceives – or consumes – the image.

After my shootings, I take advantage of digital technologies that I divert; I experience extreme distortions without ever knowing how far it will lead me, except that I try at all times to destruct my raw material, resulting from the everyday reality. The framing of my subject, light and the backgrounds are the only tools of composition I can rely on.

A subject becomes one as soon as it gives me a glimpse of potential re-construction. My digital snapshots are a simple starting point for the new reality that I will insert in my formats.